vendredi 15 novembre 2013

Haven : Domestic Disturbance

Right, way overdue is a battle report for the scenario book Haven.  This scenario is really nice, having two cops answer a domestic disturbance call in the early days of the apocalypse.  It doesn't need any miniatures, indeed I played without any, just a paper map.  In it, you go from room to room, reading a description as you go, which will vary depending on prior events.  In this it was very reminiscent of the old solo rpg books, while being a lot less limiting then "if you go left go to paragraph 337..." I heartily recommend the Haven scenario book, as it's really narrative based and loads of fun.  I just wish there were more scripted adventures like this.  what would be awesome would be a kind of internet joint effort, where based on a common floor plan, people would share their scenarios.
The adventure itself went really well.  The two police made their way inside,searched around before finding a woman hiding. Rolling on the Halt! table, she was calmed and one officer proceeded with the search while the other took the woman's deposition.  The patrolling cop found the Z, rolled into melee on the "zed or no zed" table and quickly knocked it down.  Since this was Day One, I ruled that the cops treated it like any other dangerous suspect.  So he was cuffed while knocked down(cops won activation).  Meanwhile, girlfriend sneaks up on the cops and starts yelling at them.  Police try to calm the woman, zombie gets back up.  Police win melee,knocks it down. Zombie gets up. Police knocked it down.  After a while of this I got bored and ruled that the Z just ripped its own arm off to get at those tasty brains. Police wins melee, knocks it down..  It gets back up. They shoot, knock it down, it gets back up. This goes on for 21 turns, I kidd you not. I could just picture the officers shooting it in the legs, the arms then body shots as they come to the realization that the thing they faced wasn't, couldn't be human. I eventually rolled a 1 but I figured there was no way the bureaucracy could let so many shots slide.  

 So my heroes were suspended pending hearing, while the whole world kept sliding down the drain.  In the face of growing chaos however, the two partners were soon recalled to help quelling the "Riot in ZombieTown"...

mardi 12 novembre 2013

Pulp City Supers-Catching Up

Here he is, Tanuki! In Japanese folklore, Tanuki had the power the enlarge their testicles at will.  Seriously Google, quit messing with my mind!  Tanuki balls be this way, ye brave. Warning! Once seen, never unseen.

But Seriously, this figurine was a joy to paint.  It's full of character, with a nice pose and a very expressive grin.  I'm very happy with this one, I think I may add a bit of foliage on the base, but otherwise it's quite nice as it is.

However, I realized that I had never posted pics of my other supers, shame! So here goes...

Jade Falcon