mercredi 6 juin 2012

Giganting Worldworks TLX

Last year,  , my wife and I decided to build a castlefor our son's birthday. We wanted something that could be modular, easily assembled and easily stored.  So, inspired by the excellent papercraft company worldworks TLX, we got to work.
What is hidden under there?

The concept was simple : put the base tile format upsized to 2'X2' , in a sandwich between 2 cardboard squares. This would allow us to build a wall in almost any configuration. We also built smaller tiles, crenelation, and corner connectors.


Now, a year later, this build is still used by our son. It's not perfect, most of the connectors broke or folded, but the tiles are still just as solid as day 1. Unassembled, everything fits under the bed!

I'm sorry I don't have a detailed project log for this, but feel free to ask any questions...

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