mardi 5 mars 2013

Pulp City miniatures

 I'm painting the starter sets I got this Christmas.  Here's Gentleman:
I'm quite happy with the base but I feel the grey is too flat. 

 And here's a WIP of Guerilla conversion

I added the flames because the scenic base I had was too small for the provided base.  If you embiggen the pic, you can see I also added falling spent shell casings.  Alas, my kid dropped the mini and it exploded. I just have to start over , maybe using more greenstuff?  My kid is in love with Guerrilla and can't keep away from it. 

1 commentaire:

  1. I think the gray suit looks fine. The Guerilla is a cool conversion, the shell casings are a nice touch. Too bad about the accident, hope it doesn't take too long to get him back together.