mercredi 30 octobre 2013

Repulping Pulp City in anticipation of the kickstarter

Right, so it's been a while.  Just wanted to post a few pics of the new figs I recently bought.  I really fell back into Pulp City, and I can't wait to dump ridiculous sums of money for their upcoming kickstarter.  BTW, I recently found Pulp Citizen, a blog that gives a lot of updates and features well painted minis to boot!

As for me, I've mostly been getting through my warhammer fantasy battle huge shelf of unpainted minis.  But recently, I bought some minis from a guy on a local forum and I wanted to get cracking ASAP. 

So here's ShadowMask, ready to pounce on that poor riot cop from offensive miniatures.  I started to work on Shadowmask before I got this idea.  When it was time for mounting, I tought he just looked too puny just jumping from a wall.  Now he just looks so killer!  I'm not totally happy with the conversion though, as I didn't want to damage my painting, so I didn't bend his head to look down and I had to compromise the final pose so the mini would'nt be too unbalanced.

I'm very happy with the skin as it was the first time I ever painted Asian skin.  Ii doesn't stand out in the pictures, but I went overboard on the highlighting because I wanted to give him a bulbous, unnatural looking musculature and I think it came out really well.
 I must say that in general Pulp City miniatures are a pleasure to paint.  Details are crisp, poses are very dynamic and often come with nice accessories for basing, like statues and such.  When they don't, the pose is so inspiring that you just have to go the extra mile.  The fluff is also excellent, constantly inspiring my painting and giving me ideas for basing.

I'm also working on Tanuki , the other mini present in the box.  Seeing my track record on blogging, I wont make any promise :).  But I'm aiming for 1 mini a week until all my supers and minions are painted. 

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